Satish Kaushik Car Collection Will shock you. All luxury to vintage list is here.

Satish Kaushik, the veteran Bollywood filmmaker, has a car collection that would make any automobile enthusiast jealous. As he steps out of his plush bungalow in the suburbs of Mumbai, his eye is inevitably drawn to the gleaming rows of cars parked in the driveway, each one more luxurious than the last.


Satish Kaushik’s car collection includes a range of vintage and modern models from some of the world’s most iconic marques. His pride and joy is a vintage BMW E30 M3, an iconic sports car from the 80s. He also has a modern Ferrari 488, a sleek and powerful supercar that is sure to turn heads.

Mercedes Bez

In addition to these two luxury models, Satish has an assortment of other cars in his collection. He has a classic Mercedes-Benz 280SL, a stylish convertible that is perfect for cruising around town. He also has a vintage Porsche 911, a timeless sports car that has been the choice of many famous movie stars.

Vintage cars

  • Satish is also an avid collector of vintage cars. He has a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, an iconic British car that is sure to draw attention wherever it goes.
  • He also has a classic Cadillac DeVille, a classic American car that has been a favorite of celebrities for decades.

SUVs and Luxury Sedans

Finally, Satish has a selection of modern SUVs and luxury sedans. The latest addition to his collection is a Range Rover Autobiography, a luxurious and powerful car that is sure to take him on many memorable adventures.

No matter what type of car you’re looking for, Satish Kaushik’s car collection has something for everyone. From classic luxury cars to modern supercars, his collection is sure to impress even the most discerning car enthusiast.

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