WhatsApp Introduces New Feature to Connect Users Without Sharing Phone Numbers.

WhatsApp, the messaging platform that connects billions of people worldwide, is working on a new feature to enhance user privacy. Understanding the inconvenience faced by users while sharing their private phone numbers with strangers on the app, WhatsApp has focused on finding a solution.

According to reports, WhatsApp is in the development phase of a feature that will enable users to connect without revealing their phone numbers. As per information from WA Beta Info, Android and web users will soon be able to create unique user names, while keeping their phone numbers private.

This innovative integration ensures that once a user chooses a user name, their phone number remains confidential. This additional layer of security allows users to communicate freely without compromising their personal contact details, thereby promoting a safe online interaction environment. Moreover, the option to change user names gives users more control over their privacy settings.

However, this is not the only update WhatsApp is working on. The app is also working on a feature that enables users to find and connect with others through these unique user names. A leaked screenshot shared by WA Beta Info highlights the ease of finding contacts by simply entering their user names in the search bar, eliminating the need to share phone numbers for connection.

It is expected that both the mobile and web versions of the app will support this feature.

This follows a previous report by WA Beta Info, which showcased WhatsApp’s efforts to enhance the dark theme of its web version. The subtle but impactful change in background color, from #111C20 to #12181C, aims to reduce eye strain and improve the visual experience, especially in low-light environments.

Although WhatsApp has not officially confirmed the update yet, it is speculated that it will undergo testing with a select group of beta users before a widespread rollout. In addition, in line with the platform’s continuous efforts to enhance user experience and privacy, WhatsApp is also revamping the sidebar layout in its web version.

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