Mind-Blowing Transformation: From 18,700 to 1.50 Lakh! Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Takes Over Indian Bike Scene.

The Royal Enfield Bullet 350, known as one of India’s oldest and magnificent bikes, continues to have a unique charm. It has been the customers’ favorite for years. Since its launch, the bike has undergone significant changes in terms of features, engine, and specifications.

Not only that, but the price of the Bullet 350 has also increased to one and a half lakh rupees ex-showroom with the addition of new features. However, do you know that there was a time when the price of this bike was only 18,700 rupees? Yes, it’s true. Bullet has been one of those bikes in India that has been seen for many decades. The 90s was one of the most glorious decades for this bike.

During that time, a large number of people turned towards Bullet, which is why even today the old models of this bike can be seen in some places. A receipt of such a bike is currently going viral on social media, which shows that the price of the Bullet, which now sells for 1.5 lakh rupees, was once 18,700 rupees. You can see how rapidly the price of the bike has increased over the years.

This receipt was found by a person living in Madhya Pradesh. When asked, the person said that his grandfather had purchased the bike in his time, although the bike is no longer there, he still has the receipt. After seeing this receipt, some people are commenting that their ancestors also had a Bullet, while some are discussing the English written on it.

It should be noted that Royal Enfield’s cruiser bikes have higher sales. They have bikes ranging from 350cc to 650cc engines, and the company has also announced the launch of some powerful bikes in the future. If you are also a fan of keeping such old bikes, you will definitely find one somewhere, but whether the owner will give it to you or not depends entirely on them.

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