This trick cools the car like a stove in the sun. Understand its work in just 2 minutes.

★Sunroof can not only provide warmth but also cool down the car.
★Ventilation plays a role in cooling down the car.
★A trick to cool down the car in 2 minutes.

New Delhi: Due to the shortage of parking spaces in cities, people often park their cars by the roadside. As a result, the car becomes hot like a stove after standing under the sun for hours. When you enter the car, you feel uncomfortable due to the pre-existing heat. Even if you turn on the air conditioning, you don’t get instant relief.

However, if your car has a sunroof, you can cool it down in just 2 minutes by opening it. You may think that opening the sunroof will let the sun directly enter the car and make it even hotter instead of cooling it down, but that’s not the case. In fact, we are going to tell you a trick here that will help you cool down your car by opening the sunroof even in the sun. Let’s find out how.

When the car is completely closed, the air inside becomes hot and trapped. When you open the sunroof completely, the hot air rises and escapes. Instead of fully opening the sunroof, it would be better to open it just enough to let the hot air out. It is also recommended to slightly lower the windows so that the cool outside air can come in. Once you feel that the cabin has cooled down, you can close the sunroof and windows. This can make the car up to 2 degrees cooler when parked under the sun.

★Due to the shortage of parking spaces, cars are often parked by the roadside, causing them to become hot.
★Opening the sunroof can help cool down the car in 2 minutes.
★Opening the sunroof allows the hot air to escape and cool outside air to enter the cabin.
★Lowering the windows can further enhance the cooling effect.

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