Renew Your Vehicle’s RC After 15 Years. Full Online and Offline Methode Explained.

Has your vehicle reached the 15-year milestone? If so, you’ll need to renew its Registration Certificate (RC) to continue driving legally. In India, vehicles older than 15 years require renewal every 5 years. While the process might seem daunting, we’ll guide you through both the online and offline options to make it as smooth as possible.

Understanding the Importance of RC Renewal

Renewing your RC is essential for several reasons:

  • Legal Compliance: Driving a vehicle with an expired RC is illegal and can lead to fines.
  • Insurance Validity: Insurance companies may not cover vehicles with expired RCs.
  • Resale Value: A valid RC is necessary to maintain your vehicle’s resale value.


Online RC Renewal Process:

  1. Gather Documents:

    • Original RC
    • Valid Insurance Certificate
    • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate
    • Proof of Address (Aadhaar Card, Passport, etc.)
    • PAN Card or Form 60/61
    • Chassis and Engine Pencil Print
  2. Visit Parivahan Sewa Website:

  3. Fill Form 25:

    • Download and fill out Form 25.
    • Provide accurate details and attach scanned copies of the required documents.
  4. Pay Fees:

    • Pay the renewal fee online using a credit/debit card, net banking, or other available options.
  5. Book Appointment:

    • Schedule an appointment for vehicle inspection at your chosen RTO.
  6. Vehicle Inspection:

    • On the scheduled date, bring your vehicle and original documents to the RTO for inspection.
    • Once the inspection is successful, you’ll receive a new RC.


Offline RC Renewal Process:

  1. Gather Documents:

    • Same as the online process.
  2. Visit RTO:

    • Go to the RTO where your vehicle is registered.
  3. Fill Form 25:

    • Obtain and fill out Form 25 at the RTO.
  4. Submit Documents:

    • Submit the filled form along with the required documents and fees.
  5. Vehicle Inspection:

    • Your vehicle will be inspected by an RTO official.
  6. Receive New RC:

    • Once the inspection is successful, you’ll receive a new RC.


Additional Considerations:

  • Fitness Certificate: If your vehicle is older than 15 years, you’ll also need a Fitness Certificate. This can be obtained from authorized testing centers.
  • Late Fees: Renew your RC before the expiry date to avoid late fees.
  • Green Tax: In some states, an additional Green Tax may be applicable for older vehicles.

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