Maruti Grand Vitara Hybrid: New Automatic System introduced. Maruti Becomes Hitech Car.

Maruti Grand Vitara hybrid gets AVAS pedestrian safety tech

Maruti Grand Vitara, the popular hybrid SUV from Maruti Suzuki, has recently been equipped with AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System) pedestrian safety technology. This advanced safety feature aims to enhance the safety of pedestrians on the road by providing an audible warning to alert them of the approaching vehicle.

The AVAS system works by emitting a sound when the vehicle is moving at low speeds or in electric mode, ensuring that pedestrians can hear the vehicle approaching and take necessary precautions. This technology is especially beneficial in urban areas with high pedestrian traffic.

The addition of AVAS to the Maruti Grand Vitara hybrid has been well-received by both experts and consumers. The system has been praised for its effectiveness in reducing the risk of accidents involving pedestrians and enhancing overall road safety.

The introduction of AVAS in the Maruti Grand Vitara has also had a positive impact on the market performance of Maruti Suzuki. The company’s stocks have seen a rise following the launch of this safety feature, reflecting the confidence of investors in Maruti’s commitment to safety innovation.

Maruti Suzuki’s AVAS system in the Grand Vitara has garnered attention not only in India but also internationally. The technology has been recognized for its contribution to pedestrian safety, and its implementation in the Grand Vitara has been covered by various news outlets.

Important Information

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